Green Solutions Israel Company Profile

Green solutions was established at the year 2009 by Arian Meiri
The main goal was to create a One Stop Shop under the categories
Food – Water – Energy – building

Our job is to find echo friendly solutions that gives a benefit not only for the user but also for
the environment and use our marketing tools in order to make the solution visible for as many
people \ companies that we can reach out to
We search for innovated technologies that fits the need of our clients and offer them where it is

From waste to energy projects to advanced water treatment solutions
From bird's Friendly wind turbines to organic fertilizer supplied to the cannabis industry

Our mission
• Provide a solution for any challenge
• Provide effective solutions
• Develop new technology's
• Create a better world for our next generation
• Establish self-sustainable models
• Improve the relationship between industry's and nature
• Improve our line of products

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